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Hello! I'm Lex and I'm a freelance illustrator and digital artist. I like to post fanart, magical girls, etc. Thank you for stopping by!
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MASTERPOST (Things to Know About Me)

Posted by Inkfy - 7 days ago

Hello! I decided to make a small masterpost for my profile of how I'm going to run things for this particular account. Newgrounds is very different to me and I'm still learning. Please be patient with me! I'm trying my best to get accustomed to things around here. It's been years since I've seen this site.

Things to know about me:

  1. I'll do my best to answer everyone as I can! I try to at least answer every question/PM/comment I receive. How I answer depends on the content and nature of the post. Just please be respectful! I'll do my best to be the same way. I can't promise I won't make any mistakes, but I'm willing to learn!
  2. For any questions regarding things like "how do I do X" or "what software do you use?" Please refer to my FAQ which will be linked on my profile!
  3. Newgrounds isn't a primary account for me in the sense that it's a high priority, but with DA's changes I'm starting to post here more often. That being said I still won't be as active on here as I would be on my Twitter (which is linked on my profile). However, I try to post as often as I can!
  4. I've gotten several friend requests already, and while I honored, I will most likely decline them UNLESS we're mutuals on another social media site (let me know if you have a different name here). This isn't because I'm trying to be mean or anything like that, but because I'm a very private person who has established boundaries. I also really don't have the time to be chatting so much online when I'm already really busy in real life (especially with this pandemic going on). I'm very sorry, but I'm already stretching myself thin on several accounts and I really am pressed on time.
  5. That being said, I am NOT against casual chatter! I like video games, manga, and anime! If the topic ever comes up I won't be hesitant to fangirl about it lol
  6. Please refer to any business inquiries with my email inkfycreates@outlook.com
  7. I hope to enjoy it here! Once again, glad to be here!